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Love, Evonya! The Stylist Shaking Up Atlanta

Introducing: Evonya Easley, The Super Stylist Shaking Up Atlanta!

She’s going places and you’ll be sorry to miss her!

It’s no surprise that I would come across someone as open, professional and driven as myself. When it comes to my achievements, I’m blessed to have many strings to my bow. 

However, this confuses my acquaintances because they always end up asking the same question:

“What exactly do you do?”

To be honest, I am a Jacqueline Of All Trades, with each various trade executed to an impeccable standard. That being said, like everything in life, you can always learn something new. And what better way to learn than to talk to someone who’s already been in your shoes, or should I say heels? Or pumps?

Virtual stylists are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. As the world starts to push forward from the pandemic, more and more people are receiving the benefits of using a virtual stylist. When you virtually window shop online or browse fashion apps, you may not even know that you’re using one!

 As an avid virtual stylist myself, I got talking to Evonya Easley to gain a detailed insight into how her personal stylist and virtual stylist business came about and her plans for the future.

Meet Evonya Easley, your new personal stylist!

Evonya Easley is the founder of her personal stylist business called Love E Fashion. She’s based in Atlanta and her experience spans over 15 years so it’s safe to say that she knows what she’s doing! 

Evonya has a ten-year background in corporate accountancy but her innate passion for style, flair and personally dressing busy professionals became her new career. She loves her job and she loves her clients, but most of all, she’s in love with where her business is going and the impact that it will inevitably release to the world. Her willpower is strong and so is her stylist status. I can’t imagine a client being in safer hands!

Vibrant purple and white cube dynamic
Styled By Love E Logo

Love E Fashion gives you the opportunity to dress for every occasion, from birthdays to Valentine’s Day, ‘Back to School’ to vacation. When you choose Evonya to style you, she works with you to bring out your style, confidence and elevate your wardrobe. When I asked Evonya to give some advice to budding young stylists she had a myriad of inspirational quotes to impart.

Keep scrolling to view the interview highlights:

“How do you want to be seen?”

“I run a business with a drive. I don’t want to be famous, I want to get paid! A stylist’s job is to encourage your clients to feel confident to do great things. 

“What are your plans for the future?”

“My team and I have worked hard to develop a new app for my business which is now available on iPhone and Android. I want Love E Fashion to physically reach out across LA and New York, but with my app, it’ll be a lot easier. I want it to be easy for clients to reach me and my services. In these uncertain times, shopping can become more difficult, so using the app is so easy.”

“Do you have any inspirational advice to any budding virtual stylists out there?”

“You don’t like something until you do it. Keep going. Learn how to create your business in your city because every city is different.” Don’t fall into a ‘woe is me’ state of mind. Be the best person you can be. Push forward and keep moving.”

I feel honoured to connect with someone who is similarly fully immersed in their entrepreneurial journey. I wish nothing but success for Love E Fashion and highly encourage anyone in the Atlanta, LA or New York vicinity to download the app and book yourself an appointment now!

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