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Oh, Hello Tash! Talented, Tantalizing and Tenacious!

Who wants a logo like this? I know I do. I think we all do…

Oh Hello Tash Merch

A new business should never be underestimated. Everyone starts from somewhere and everyone should be given a chance to blossom, right?

One recurring characteristic of a great business, in my opinion, is one that has established strong relationships to their customers and vendors consistently, but there’s a particular magic that new businesses possess in regards to their unique attention and strong desire to hit the ground running.

So, surely, you can understand my excitement when I come across yet another businesswoman who strongly treasures her relationships with her clients! She – like many others – caters to and understands their needs whilst simultaneously delivering quality, standard fashion at desirable prices. This ambitious, young entrepreneur is going places and we’re here to see it. 

Self-promotion has been the forefront of Tashena’s initial success. Tashena was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee with St Louis connections. As an undeniable hard worker, Tashena works from home, a business move only partially inspired by the pandemic as she was already making the transition. When you receive nothing but positive feedback from paying strangers, it’s a warm and fuzzy feeling that every entrepreneur strives to experience. Tashena has trusted her business journey from the start.

You better believe me when I tell you that she’s only just getting started.

Oh Hello Tash Merch – The Classy Two-Piece Set

Scroll down for the interview highlights:

Oh Hello Tash Merch – F*ck Off (Set)

“How did you start your business and what made you want to start it?”

“My friends are go-getters so they are always finding ways to make money. When you are around winners, it gives you motivation. Being that we are in a pandemic, I wanted to find a side hustle that would interest me. Once I figured out that I wanted to open an online boutique, I spent hours and hours researching on how I could get started and learning about vendors. Once I did my research, it gave me the blueprint to get started and now I’m here!”

Oh Hello Tash Merch – The High-Waist Bikini

“How do you want Oh Hello Tash Merch to be seen?”

“I want to be seen and remembered as the business that had everything and anything for a good price. People should be able to look and feel beautiful even if it’s just pyjamas without breaking the bank!

Oh Hello Tash Merch -Make Money, Not Friends Tee

“What are your plans for Oh, Hello Tash Merch? How are you planning to expand if that is your plan?

“Since I am a new business, I definitely want to see how this journey will go. When I become more well known, I will expect to get a large volume of orders. Once that comes about, essentially, I will start to hire people because fulfilling orders now by yourself can be a bit overwhelming, but I like it. I also plan to expand to a warehouse but only with my own pieces as I do buy from vendors.”

Oh Hello Tash Merch – Black Lives Matter Tee

It’s very clear to me that Oh Hello Tash Merch is here to stay. Fashion will continue to sustain our way of life and expression through patterns, textures and colours galore. What are you waiting for? Say hello to Tash for me!

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