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How To Be Sustainable On A Budget

In order to be sustainable, these essential tips will get you there. Firstly, you need to understand why you’re doing it. Whether it’s for moral or aesthetic reasons, sustainability is a very, very good thing. It’s recently come to light that the fashion industry accounts for 10% of global CO2 emissions per year alone. As for water, it uses approx 1.56 trillion litres annually.

My head hurts. Does your head hurt?

Why does this happen?

Its negative consequences of climate change are due to our desire for instant gratification and our made-made expectation of throwaway culture.

Top tip: New doesn’t necessarily mean good!

Second-hand doesn’t necessarily mean bad either. So with COVID-19 still being a major risk in terms of transmission, there are still some ways you can shop sustainably, affordably and safely.

Depop: eBay’s trendy cousin

Use Depop.

There are tonnes and tonnes of sellers that sell new, vintage, second hand and custom made items on Depop. You only need to search. Most sellers are also very open to offers, allowing you to negotiate reasonable prices and cop the exact item you want for less money!

“How did this garment get here?”

 Shop Ethically.

Be aware of where you’ve bought your clothing and accessories. Sweatshops are the practices of modern-day slavery. Although high-street stores are required to inform their customers about the ethics of their fabrics and labour, not all are transparent. Focus on the relevance of the fabric to your wardrobe. Velvet can be worn smart-casual, whilst polypropene is your leotard, party type. Choose wisely.

Additionally, the cheap pricing is also usually a clue so make sure you read what your clothes are made from. Always pick quality over quantity where you can.

“I am sustainable, I am stylish!”

Regularly Check Your Wardrobe.

Remind yourself of what you already have. If you can’t figure out your style, discover how you can here…

Go on, get out there and save the world. Sustainably, of course!

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