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Host: The Hottest New Horror Film Worth Watching

You know it’s gonna be good when the title has a double-entendre related to hosting a webchat and the house hosting of a spiritual entity…

I’ve just watched Host and boy oh boy, we’re in for a terrifying treat.

I’m a horror enthusiast. Let me make that clear. Therefore, said enthusiasm will be strong and heavily protective of the perception of horror films, especially towards the latest hit, Host. I’ve had Shudder for a while, before its inevitable rise to the mainstream horror babies. Personally, I’m so happy that Host was premiered on Shudder, through Shudder involvement, participation and representation. It births this film for what it is, a horror film, instead of being labelled as a thriller in an attempt to lure in unsuspecting spook-swatters on Netflix’s (respectfully) ever-growing archive. 

Host heavily reminded me of Unfriended: The Dark Web, simply because of the setup and the threat of an unknown presence, but this film takes a totally unique spin on the idea of virtual connection and helplessness.

All you can do is watch.

Lockdown has produced all sorts of trauma that will legitimately take a while to unpack, but I was waiting for something creative to emerge from the situation (other than my own various projects – stay tuned) but they’ve done it, and they’ve done it extremely well!

From the authentic delivery and initial banality of each scene to the VFX, the actors were fabulous. From fabricated connections to faulty connections, each actor sustained my belief and supported each other with ease.

Top Right to left: Emma Louise Webb, Caroline Ward, Jemma Moore, Radina Drandova, Haley Bishop

One moment which I was genuinely impressed by was the toilet break. Yes, you heard that right. Have you ever noticed that films never show toilet breaks? And I’m not talking about steamy bathroom scenes or the hint of using the bathroom. I mean, a (close-enough) lengthy shot of the characters going to the bathroom and the silence that commences as you wait on the line. Even though it falls into the familiarity of Zoom etiquette, it actually sustained my attention even more than deflated it because the probability of dramatic irony felt sky-high. 

Jemma Moore

The male character was a refreshing dynamic on the friendship front. It was a lovely angle to see, compared to when a girlfriend has a new boyfriend, or where a group of guys are discussing their other guy friend’s new female partner.

What really strikes me about this film is the concept of innocence. The characters who experience what they do at the naive but undeniably irresponsible hands of the protagonists still encounter the full wrath of the supposed entity, merely by association.

Host arrests your attention by lulling you into the familiar traits of a webchat, in particular a Zoom call. Zoom’s popularity exploded since the pandemic due to its free 40-min feature, background green screen-esque abilities and screen-focus feature when someone is talking, or rather, when it picks up your microphone. The stuttering connection, with moments of clarity before dipping out again, along with the 2.8 second lag between conversations leave you scanning the four corners of your screen so fast and frequently, your eyeballs almost stick. 

For those of you who are deathly afraid of horror movies, there’s a way to watch them without denting your ceiling (like the way a cat jumps when it sees a cucumber). 

Host – A Shudder Original

Host: Clever and desperately appropriate. The takeaway? Don’t do a seance, even on Zoom. It still counts, terrifyingly.

Watch it now on Shudder!

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Thrifting, Tesselating, TempoFinds!

Isn’t Vintage garb just the best?! That and 80’s reminiscent-style logos…

Having experienced my Depop epiphany back in 2018, I still revel in the joys and challenges of being a Depop seller. I went from a business and customer service novice to becoming a full-time seller, comfortably catering to every customer’s needs and desires.

Becoming a Depop seller is not easy, and it certainly shouldn’t be – at first. If it hadn’t been for my arguably innate drive for style and sustainability (along with my Depop Template services), I would have given it up within the first few weeks. However, the art of giving up is not in my nature, and it most definitely is not in the nature of the founder of TempoFinds either.

Tempo Stubbs

Tempo is based in Tallahassee, Florida. He started and continues to participate in pop-ups and regularly visits local universities to extend his knowledge of style to others. His ear is to the ground with the latest trends and TikTok – arguably the biggest rising app of the year (along with Zoom) – has been incorporated with his clients to reach the worldwide masses. Luckily for us all, Tempo manages an Instagram business page that hosts giveaways so be on the lookout for a Tempo treat!

Y2K Stussy Logo Tee (S)

Throughout working in the retail industry for ten consecutive years, Tempo’s avid passion for fashion, shoes and customer service make him a valuable Depop community member. Thrifting was always a fun hobby but Tempo came to the realization that he’d cultivated a daily habit: Thrifting. His wardrobe was insisting to be purged and he certainly made that happen. It was a special post on Facebook that led Tempo by the hand to the reselling community.

Keep scrolling for the interview highlights:

VTG Gino Green Global Hoodie 3XL

“How do you want to be seen as a business?”

“I would like my business to be seen as as a dependable source for urban/Vintage gear and someone customers can relate to.”

VTG Claudio Nucci Tee 2XL

“What are your future plans for TempoFinds? How are you planning to expand, if that is your plan?”

“I want to continue to grow, of course, in due time, a chain of stores that people can travel to shop at, similar to round two, but at the same time, I’m thinking of possibly starting a clothing line of one-of-one pieces and custom designs! For now, I just want to continue to stay down to Earth and stay in my lane.”

VTG Laura Jefferies Hoodie (S)

If you haven’t checked out TempoFind’s finds, when did you check out?! Peep the stock and lock yourself into the TempoFinds family!

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Oh, Hello Tash! Talented, Tantalizing and Tenacious!

Who wants a logo like this? I know I do. I think we all do…

Oh Hello Tash Merch

A new business should never be underestimated. Everyone starts from somewhere and everyone should be given a chance to blossom, right?

One recurring characteristic of a great business, in my opinion, is one that has established strong relationships to their customers and vendors consistently, but there’s a particular magic that new businesses possess in regards to their unique attention and strong desire to hit the ground running.

So, surely, you can understand my excitement when I come across yet another businesswoman who strongly treasures her relationships with her clients! She – like many others – caters to and understands their needs whilst simultaneously delivering quality, standard fashion at desirable prices. This ambitious, young entrepreneur is going places and we’re here to see it. 

Self-promotion has been the forefront of Tashena’s initial success. Tashena was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee with St Louis connections. As an undeniable hard worker, Tashena works from home, a business move only partially inspired by the pandemic as she was already making the transition. When you receive nothing but positive feedback from paying strangers, it’s a warm and fuzzy feeling that every entrepreneur strives to experience. Tashena has trusted her business journey from the start.

You better believe me when I tell you that she’s only just getting started.

Oh Hello Tash Merch – The Classy Two-Piece Set

Scroll down for the interview highlights:

Oh Hello Tash Merch – F*ck Off (Set)

“How did you start your business and what made you want to start it?”

“My friends are go-getters so they are always finding ways to make money. When you are around winners, it gives you motivation. Being that we are in a pandemic, I wanted to find a side hustle that would interest me. Once I figured out that I wanted to open an online boutique, I spent hours and hours researching on how I could get started and learning about vendors. Once I did my research, it gave me the blueprint to get started and now I’m here!”

Oh Hello Tash Merch – The High-Waist Bikini

“How do you want Oh Hello Tash Merch to be seen?”

“I want to be seen and remembered as the business that had everything and anything for a good price. People should be able to look and feel beautiful even if it’s just pyjamas without breaking the bank!

Oh Hello Tash Merch -Make Money, Not Friends Tee

“What are your plans for Oh, Hello Tash Merch? How are you planning to expand if that is your plan?

“Since I am a new business, I definitely want to see how this journey will go. When I become more well known, I will expect to get a large volume of orders. Once that comes about, essentially, I will start to hire people because fulfilling orders now by yourself can be a bit overwhelming, but I like it. I also plan to expand to a warehouse but only with my own pieces as I do buy from vendors.”

Oh Hello Tash Merch – Black Lives Matter Tee

It’s very clear to me that Oh Hello Tash Merch is here to stay. Fashion will continue to sustain our way of life and expression through patterns, textures and colours galore. What are you waiting for? Say hello to Tash for me!

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Be A Boss, Be Bold, B’Mor!

We’re all about that B-word: B’Mor…

B’Mor Styles

What’s more empowering? Being a boss? Acting like a boss? Dressing like a boss? How about being a boss that owns what they do, enjoys what they do and is ridiculously smart at what they do simultaneously?!

Brittni Morrison

Brittni Morrison is a trendsetter and not one to shy away from social media. From Youtube to Twitter to Instagram, if a social platform exists, you best believe she’s on it.

As a fellow stylist, featuring her brand in her work is just a fabulous way to meet new customers and share her creations. Pop-ups and fashion shows are just some of the highlights of Brittni Morrison’s high-life!

B’Mor Styles is based in New York City but Brittni is a North Carolina native.

As online interaction becomes our leading communicator, Brittni advocates for social media as an ideal business partner, showing that business promotion is undeniably possible and available to all who seek it.

B’Mor Styles – The ‘Pink Dreams’ Dress

Her relaunch line combines class with attitude – the right kind of attitude, mind you- whilst re-inventing conventional styles and pushing them out into the world on a paper boat filled with go-getters and women-warriors. From Retro B’Mor to Add-ons and Sets, you’re not alone and you’re not the same!

Catch the interview highlights below:

“How did you start your business and what made you want to start it?”

“I started my business back in 2018. I got B’Mor registered back in 2017 during my last semester in college prior to graduation. I launched that next year, periodically after moving to NYC.

I always wanted to do my own thing career-wise. I was always interested in fashion growing up and being inspired by my aunt who was a fashion designer, it fuelled my ambitions.

I always had big dreams of moving to NYC to pursue my dreams in the fashion industry as a stylist and designer/business owner. When I got to college and realised I, indeed, was not interested in anything other than that of Business and Fashion, I knew it was the way that I would go.”

B’Mor Styles – The Cosmo Dress

“How do you want to be seen as a business?”

“I want B’Mor Styles to be one that makes a statement of independence and self-confidence. I want it to be looked at as a place where women can not only shop but also get more than just clothes, such as inspiration and/or sense of self; Embracing every part of themselves and being comfortable enough to be who they want to be while being continuously encouraged to strive to be more and want more for themselves…

no matter what you look like or how hard it may be.

I want B’Mor Styles to display a clear message that it’s fun to be a Boss, especially as a woman, more specifically a Black woman, which is why I do and will make it my job to have specifically Black models. We are so underrepresented in the fashion industry, yet such a major inspiration to it. So weird and unfair.”

Retro B’Mor – The ‘Kara’ Jacket

“What are your future plans for B’Mor Styles?”

“I plan on having an exclusively designed line, coming very soon. Eventually, B’Mor Styles will expand into many different segments. I won’t speak too much on it but I have many surprises coming forth in the future. Expansion is the goal.”

Evidently, the essence of B’Mor comes from the timeless essence of being yourself. Being your own trope is the best and inevitable thing to be and I’m a major advocate for that. It’s just so exciting to see someone discover their trope and live in it authentically through their life and through their work. What a gem!

B’Mor Styles – The Relaunch!

If you haven’t already, join the relaunch revolution and check out B’Mor Styles’ relaunch which opened its gates on July 20th.

Watch out Dior, B’Mor is breaking out!

If you or someone you know has a fashion business and would like to be featured, don’t hesitate to get in touch in the comments below! 

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Magnificence, Opulence, Omnifisense!

Omnifisense! The Slow Fashion Store You Need To Know About

Picture this. You walk into a store and you see a cosy colour-coordinated rail with caps, t-shirts, tops and hoodies. You hear gentle music playing in the background, subtle yet commanding. You feel fabulous fabric. You smell scented candles and incense which draw your attention to matching bedding and body lotions.

Welcome to the vision of Omnifisense.

Omnifisense, LLC

The logo you see before you is CEO owner and founder Phylicia Brinson’s college creation. It turned two before it was patched and digitalized to be brought to life on our various screens and fabrics. Phylicia has always been into fashion and this logo was only just the beginning. With a college major in marketing her creativity and artistry knows no boundaries, especially when it comes to what she and co-owner/partner Denzil Tieku have in “store” for Omnifisense.

I’ll stop, I’ll stop…Eventually.

When Phylicia and Denzil left the 9-5 lifestyle, they decided to invest their money into something they knew they’d both enjoy. After rediscovering their options, the college logo was remembered followed by carefully-planned research which brings us to the virtual sensation we can experience today. However, there’s so much more sensory succulence to expect from Omnifisense.

This slow fashion seamstress, marketer and designer has immense pride for her work, to say the least. Everything is done by hand at home. If you were to look at the word ‘Authenticity’ in the dictionary, the first thing you’ll see is the word Omnifisense and their edgy logo.

Denzil is the kick-ass accountant and the shipment navigator. The accountant admiral, so to speak. With an iron-strong background in IT,

this beautiful young duo has created stylish designs based on slow fashion, authentic principles and affordable clothing with a stylish flair.

Their combined intelligence and forward-thinking skillset balance instinctively with their motivation and dedication to their craft. But do they really care about their customers? You bet they do! And I’m here for it. I know you will be too.


Keep scrolling for exclusive interview content and highlights:

“Where are you based?”

Our brand is based in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m from a small town close to Tallahassee, Florida, known as Thomasville, Georgia. My partner lives in Atlanta, he’s Ghanaian and originally from Croydon.

“How did you start Omnifisense and what made you want to start it?”

“It honestly came together quite easily, once we decided that this was what we wanted to do and did the right research. We just progressively learned and we still are, but I always feel it’s best to start where you are with what you have. We decided to begin this venture because we wanted to add more comfort to the world. Also to be able to depend on ourselves and have more time to enjoy our lives.”

“How do you want to be seen as a business?”

“When it comes to how we want Omnifisense to be viewed overall, we want authenticity to be first. I know that as a marketer you can shape the views of your clients by displaying specific things, but for us, that’s not the goal. Our goal is to be able to express ourselves through doing something that brings joy; to create a space that assists others in understanding that you can be comfortable and still strive for success, and to make a brand that just does what’s right because it is right, not as a sale’s tactic.

We hope that people see us as a positive brand that creates great quality items at a fair price, that cares about what we put out into the world and that has great designs. We see the brand as more of a sensory brand and less as just a fashion brand. We haven’t expanded yet into the other areas but we will. We want to add comfort to all of the senses because when all of your senses are comforted you are at peace. In the end, we’re just trying to bring more peace into the world through design.

For me, if we have ever helped someone out there to feel good through our designs, then I’m satisfied with my work.”

“What are your future plans for Omnifisense?”

“It’s important to me to create something that benefits others and also to ensure that it’s done in the right way. We don’t want to create a lot of waste and one way of doing this is by creating quality products that last.

You don’t throw out what’s in use.

I have numerous designs drawn out so in the future I want to expand upon them and bring them to life. I’d love to have a store, although I love online. I think our products would do well in a space where people could feel them.

We also want to go into other areas that tantalize the senses, from candles and incense to bedding and body lotions. I’m very into flowing with things and I feel like when it comes to expansion I’m open to allowing the brand to grow wherever it expands to, as long as we stick to our purpose and never stray away from doing what’s ethically sound.”

It’s extremely safe to say that Omnifisense has got you. From your style to your wallet to your integrity, Omnifisense is going to take over the world and save it, simultaneously! Are you ready to take the world by storm too? You can find them on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on their behind-the-scenes journey. You won’t regret it!

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Love, Evonya! The Stylist Shaking Up Atlanta

Introducing: Evonya Easley, The Super Stylist Shaking Up Atlanta!

She’s going places and you’ll be sorry to miss her!

It’s no surprise that I would come across someone as open, professional and driven as myself. When it comes to my achievements, I’m blessed to have many strings to my bow. 

However, this confuses my acquaintances because they always end up asking the same question:

“What exactly do you do?”

To be honest, I am a Jacqueline Of All Trades, with each various trade executed to an impeccable standard. That being said, like everything in life, you can always learn something new. And what better way to learn than to talk to someone who’s already been in your shoes, or should I say heels? Or pumps?

Virtual stylists are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. As the world starts to push forward from the pandemic, more and more people are receiving the benefits of using a virtual stylist. When you virtually window shop online or browse fashion apps, you may not even know that you’re using one!

 As an avid virtual stylist myself, I got talking to Evonya Easley to gain a detailed insight into how her personal stylist and virtual stylist business came about and her plans for the future.

Meet Evonya Easley, your new personal stylist!

Evonya Easley is the founder of her personal stylist business called Love E Fashion. She’s based in Atlanta and her experience spans over 15 years so it’s safe to say that she knows what she’s doing! 

Evonya has a ten-year background in corporate accountancy but her innate passion for style, flair and personally dressing busy professionals became her new career. She loves her job and she loves her clients, but most of all, she’s in love with where her business is going and the impact that it will inevitably release to the world. Her willpower is strong and so is her stylist status. I can’t imagine a client being in safer hands!

Vibrant purple and white cube dynamic
Styled By Love E Logo

Love E Fashion gives you the opportunity to dress for every occasion, from birthdays to Valentine’s Day, ‘Back to School’ to vacation. When you choose Evonya to style you, she works with you to bring out your style, confidence and elevate your wardrobe. When I asked Evonya to give some advice to budding young stylists she had a myriad of inspirational quotes to impart.

Keep scrolling to view the interview highlights:

“How do you want to be seen?”

“I run a business with a drive. I don’t want to be famous, I want to get paid! A stylist’s job is to encourage your clients to feel confident to do great things. 

“What are your plans for the future?”

“My team and I have worked hard to develop a new app for my business which is now available on iPhone and Android. I want Love E Fashion to physically reach out across LA and New York, but with my app, it’ll be a lot easier. I want it to be easy for clients to reach me and my services. In these uncertain times, shopping can become more difficult, so using the app is so easy.”

“Do you have any inspirational advice to any budding virtual stylists out there?”

“You don’t like something until you do it. Keep going. Learn how to create your business in your city because every city is different.” Don’t fall into a ‘woe is me’ state of mind. Be the best person you can be. Push forward and keep moving.”

I feel honoured to connect with someone who is similarly fully immersed in their entrepreneurial journey. I wish nothing but success for Love E Fashion and highly encourage anyone in the Atlanta, LA or New York vicinity to download the app and book yourself an appointment now!

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Why You Need To Hire A Virtual Stylist

How To Hire A Virtual Stylist

“The downward diagonal lines accentuate the hips and conform with the black bodysuit to create a fuller figure.”

To hire a virtual stylist is a quick step in the ‘new normal’ direction. Unsurprisingly, jogging bottoms are also becoming a new uniform staple.

But who said being stuck indoors meant your sense of style takes a back seat?

Not on my watch.

Consider me your new stylish virtual BFF. My job is to help make you feel and look good based on the clothing you wear and the way that you wear it. 

Everyone is going to have days where they don’t feel like the best version of themselves. Imagine pairing this feeling with scrolling through IG content and comparing. It can’t help our confidence.

Not long-term, anyway.

“The Mindset Of A Virtual Stylist”

One thing I vowed to always teach my clients is that the best version of yourself never goes away. Your perception simply alters it. That perception is usually governed by our ever-changing emotions. In order to control your emotions, you need to have the best version of yourself in your head when you don’t feel like it. It’s all about the power of your mind.

To find our style is to truly connect with ourselves. Our mind and body thrive on positive comments and healthy food, (just like plants!) not vacuous motivation posts designed to surface resonate and provoke ‘ahhhh’ feelings.

When you see or hear a positive comment, either online or paid to you by family, friends or strangers, here’s what you need to do. See it, read it, hear the message, receive it, embody it, show gratitude, repeat it and keep it. Time is an illusion but wasting time is real. Productivity, organisation and motivation are my aphrodisiacs. Yeah, I’m freaky like that.

“You Get Access To A Stylist Expert”

Ask yourself this. If you had to leave your house right now, what would you wear? Why would you wear it? Would anyone even see it? Are you working outdoors?

Notice how many layers and textures you’d be wearing versus how many layers you’re wearing right now. Maybe you’re not wearing anything. Maybe you’re nude!

When you hire a virtual stylist, you’re choosing to hire my expertise in fashion design. Together, we create your vision virtually and then bring it to life in the comfort of your home!

“Suitable Brands Are Made Available To You”

When you hire a virtual stylist, the turmoil of choosing what brand will fit your quality, fit or ethical moral compass will be a thing of the past. As your personal virtual stylist, we assess your physical attributes in conjunction with your aesthetic vision and save those preferences. Additionally, we only send you brands that match said preferences (which can be changed at any time) so all you have to decide on is the colour. Awesome, huh? Swipe right, indeed!

“The triangular placement of the arms reinforces the hourglass figure, emulating a feminine appearance.”

“We Nudge You Out Of Your Comfort Zone”

Let’s face it. Sometimes we’re only tempted to try a trend if we’ve seen it on someone else, right? We’ve all been there. But what if I told you that that’s not the only option? When you hire a virtual stylist, you’re giving them your preferences, yes, but as creatives, we also get to send you options based on our perception of your character and accentuate those inner features. You never know, you may be pleasantly surprised and would never expect to wear certain garments. 

“Hiring A Virtual Stylist Saves You Time”

Sooooo much time. You have no idea. A virtual stylist works, in the same way, hiring a virtual assistant does. We listen to your problems and goals, apply our knowledge and expertise and solve your problems with solutions bespoke-tailored to you. What more could you ask for?

What’s the first thing you’d hire a virtual stylist to change in your wardrobe?

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The Promotional Series

How To Hire A Virtual Assistant

How To Hire A Great Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant at work
A great virtual assistant at work…


Virtual assistants are having a moment. A big one. Unsurprisingly, the demand for hiring virtual assistants has skyrocketed because the outbreak has halted the ability to work and travel. Businesses and creative individuals alike have recognized their necessity of hiring virtual assistants for general tasks, marketing or just to assist with connecting to clientele on a wider scale.

Additionally, a high percentage of established online platforms have either invested in virtual assistants or have pursued their services to increase their exposure.


Abundant stationery for jotting down information, microphone to make clear phone calls


Virtual assistants are, at the heart of it, communicators. We perform a series of administrative tasks concerning your needs, either business or personal if necessary. Think of us as your PA, but digitalized. We can set up meetings, manage your emails as well as accommodate your clients all from a remote location. This makes us very desirable workers because we can be available to you instantly (within our work hours, of course).


Fully charged and ready to go!

Hiring a virtual assistant allows you to sit back and relax whilst they handle the background tasks. By outsourcing your general tasks to a VA, you’ll have more time to invest in your business or personal life.

They can usually be available for you for a minimum of 8 hours a day, although my hours have been extended for new clients.



It’s easy to hire me. Let’s set up an appointment.

Here is a list of the services I provide:

  • Transcription (general)
  • Booking appointments with clients/customers
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Following up with clients/customers
  • Personal errands
  • Hotel and flight booking
  • Preparing Slideshows
  • Blog Management
  • Social Media Management
  • File Management

Don’t hesitate to contact me via the Contacts page on my blog. Alternatively, I can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. I can’t wait to meet you!