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Thrifting, Tesselating, TempoFinds!

Isn’t Vintage garb just the best?! That and 80’s reminiscent-style logos…

Having experienced my Depop epiphany back in 2018, I still revel in the joys and challenges of being a Depop seller. I went from a business and customer service novice to becoming a full-time seller, comfortably catering to every customer’s needs and desires.

Becoming a Depop seller is not easy, and it certainly shouldn’t be – at first. If it hadn’t been for my arguably innate drive for style and sustainability (along with my Depop Template services), I would have given it up within the first few weeks. However, the art of giving up is not in my nature, and it most definitely is not in the nature of the founder of TempoFinds either.

Tempo Stubbs

Tempo is based in Tallahassee, Florida. He started and continues to participate in pop-ups and regularly visits local universities to extend his knowledge of style to others. His ear is to the ground with the latest trends and TikTok – arguably the biggest rising app of the year (along with Zoom) – has been incorporated with his clients to reach the worldwide masses. Luckily for us all, Tempo manages an Instagram business page that hosts giveaways so be on the lookout for a Tempo treat!

Y2K Stussy Logo Tee (S)

Throughout working in the retail industry for ten consecutive years, Tempo’s avid passion for fashion, shoes and customer service make him a valuable Depop community member. Thrifting was always a fun hobby but Tempo came to the realization that he’d cultivated a daily habit: Thrifting. His wardrobe was insisting to be purged and he certainly made that happen. It was a special post on Facebook that led Tempo by the hand to the reselling community.

Keep scrolling for the interview highlights:

VTG Gino Green Global Hoodie 3XL

“How do you want to be seen as a business?”

“I would like my business to be seen as as a dependable source for urban/Vintage gear and someone customers can relate to.”

VTG Claudio Nucci Tee 2XL

“What are your future plans for TempoFinds? How are you planning to expand, if that is your plan?”

“I want to continue to grow, of course, in due time, a chain of stores that people can travel to shop at, similar to round two, but at the same time, I’m thinking of possibly starting a clothing line of one-of-one pieces and custom designs! For now, I just want to continue to stay down to Earth and stay in my lane.”

VTG Laura Jefferies Hoodie (S)

If you haven’t checked out TempoFind’s finds, when did you check out?! Peep the stock and lock yourself into the TempoFinds family!

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