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Why You Need To Hire A Virtual Stylist

How To Hire A Virtual Stylist

“The downward diagonal lines accentuate the hips and conform with the black bodysuit to create a fuller figure.”

To hire a virtual stylist is a quick step in the ‘new normal’ direction. Unsurprisingly, jogging bottoms are also becoming a new uniform staple.

But who said being stuck indoors meant your sense of style takes a back seat?

Not on my watch.

Consider me your new stylish virtual BFF. My job is to help make you feel and look good based on the clothing you wear and the way that you wear it. 

Everyone is going to have days where they don’t feel like the best version of themselves. Imagine pairing this feeling with scrolling through IG content and comparing. It can’t help our confidence.

Not long-term, anyway.

“The Mindset Of A Virtual Stylist”

One thing I vowed to always teach my clients is that the best version of yourself never goes away. Your perception simply alters it. That perception is usually governed by our ever-changing emotions. In order to control your emotions, you need to have the best version of yourself in your head when you don’t feel like it. It’s all about the power of your mind.

To find our style is to truly connect with ourselves. Our mind and body thrive on positive comments and healthy food, (just like plants!) not vacuous motivation posts designed to surface resonate and provoke ‘ahhhh’ feelings.

When you see or hear a positive comment, either online or paid to you by family, friends or strangers, here’s what you need to do. See it, read it, hear the message, receive it, embody it, show gratitude, repeat it and keep it. Time is an illusion but wasting time is real. Productivity, organisation and motivation are my aphrodisiacs. Yeah, I’m freaky like that.

“You Get Access To A Stylist Expert”

Ask yourself this. If you had to leave your house right now, what would you wear? Why would you wear it? Would anyone even see it? Are you working outdoors?

Notice how many layers and textures you’d be wearing versus how many layers you’re wearing right now. Maybe you’re not wearing anything. Maybe you’re nude!

When you hire a virtual stylist, you’re choosing to hire my expertise in fashion design. Together, we create your vision virtually and then bring it to life in the comfort of your home!

“Suitable Brands Are Made Available To You”

When you hire a virtual stylist, the turmoil of choosing what brand will fit your quality, fit or ethical moral compass will be a thing of the past. As your personal virtual stylist, we assess your physical attributes in conjunction with your aesthetic vision and save those preferences. Additionally, we only send you brands that match said preferences (which can be changed at any time) so all you have to decide on is the colour. Awesome, huh? Swipe right, indeed!

“The triangular placement of the arms reinforces the hourglass figure, emulating a feminine appearance.”

“We Nudge You Out Of Your Comfort Zone”

Let’s face it. Sometimes we’re only tempted to try a trend if we’ve seen it on someone else, right? We’ve all been there. But what if I told you that that’s not the only option? When you hire a virtual stylist, you’re giving them your preferences, yes, but as creatives, we also get to send you options based on our perception of your character and accentuate those inner features. You never know, you may be pleasantly surprised and would never expect to wear certain garments. 

“Hiring A Virtual Stylist Saves You Time”

Sooooo much time. You have no idea. A virtual stylist works, in the same way, hiring a virtual assistant does. We listen to your problems and goals, apply our knowledge and expertise and solve your problems with solutions bespoke-tailored to you. What more could you ask for?

What’s the first thing you’d hire a virtual stylist to change in your wardrobe?

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